Voices Now Festival 2017 at the Roundhouse in London

Voices Now is delighted to announce it’s next festival on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th July 2017 11 am – 11pm at Roundhouse. 50 choirs from across the country come together in a celebration of song.

Throughout the afternoon –  FREE Workshops.

Voices Now Open Stage 11am – 7.30pm. The Roundhouse and Camden Markets will be filled with singing throughout the day, with vocal groups from across the country performing. Open Stages performances are free and will be happening all day between 11am and 7.30pm… and there may also be some singing in the bar after 9.30pm!

Voices Now Evening Shows

There will be two evening shows featuring choirs from around the country and some very special guest artists.

Saturday 8th July

OPEN STAGES – FREE ADMISSION – 11am – 7pm in the Roundhouse foyers and Camden Markets


11AM – ADMISSION FREE – get tickets here. Osnat Schmool and Sabina Netherclift from Filament Theatre lead singers of any and all backgrounds in a participatory session helping you to discover how physical movement and dance can help you sing better and sing more.


1:30PM – ADMISSION FREE – get tickets here. Come and learn to Beatbox with MC Zani, UK Beatbox Champion 2008, World finalist 2012, producer, MC, TV presenter and musician based in East London. Anyone can come along and learn to create their own sounds, improve their beatbox skills, experiment with their own voice and explore their creativity. At 28, MC Zani is already a veteran on the scene with over 10 years beatboxing under his belt, having performed on some of the world’s most prestigious stages (Madison Square Garden, Glastonbury to name a few) and supported some highly respected artists including Ludacris, 50 Cent, Taylor Swift, Sean Paul and many more.


4PM – ADMISSION FREE – get tickets here. Come and learn to sing Gospel songs with Genevieve Sylva. Genevieve will share with you her own unique smooth but exuberant vocal style and get everyone singing together. Whether you are new to Gospel singing or an experienced singer, this workshop will be a fun an uplifting opportunity to develop your singing and learn some new songs.

Genevieve performs with Black Voices, who shared the stage with Nina Simone, Ray Charlesand Destiny’s Child. She has toured worldwide, experiencing many different styles and cultures. She also performs with the energetic West Midlands based group, Up 4 the Down Stroke.


7.30pm – Tickets £15 (£12 concession) – get tickets here. Love is essential in today’s world – but we often focus on romantic love over the many other guises that love can take – friendship, family bonds, brotherly love and worldly love.

Hear six choirs from across the UK – the Roundhouse Choir, Glorious Chorus, ShuffleTunes, Boyband, Sheffield Young Singers and Voice Energy Project as they take the rhythm of the heart itself and use it as a focus for the evening’s music – heartbeats manifesting as grooves, rhythms and movement.

The choirs are joined by Natalie Williams (Ronnie Scotts/Soul Family), MC Zani (UK Beatbox Champion) and Tobias Hug (Swingle Singers/Beatbox Collective) for a night of improvisation, beatboxing, body percussion, solos and lots of interaction between the choirs and the audience.

Sunday 9th July

OPEN STAGES – FREE ADMISSION – 11am – 7pm in the Roundhouse foyers and Camden Markets


11am – FREE ADMISSION – get tickets here. Singer and workshop leader Rosie Adediran will lead a workshop for families with children under 5 inspired by the theme from Sunday’s evening show, ‘We Sing Because…’ The workshop will feature a variety of songs that the whole family will enjoy, as well as exploring music and song through play, puppets, storytelling and parachutes.

Rosie is a singer, songwriter and music leader who works in educational, community and corporate settings with groups of people of all ages and backgrounds. Known for her energetic and inclusive approach, she continues to spearhead new creative projects for organisations such as Spitalfields Music, Wigmore Hall, Creative Futures, Aldeburgh Music, London Music Masters and more.


2.30PM – FREE ADMISSION – get tickets here. A series of workshops drawing on the techniques and traditions of the Baka Rainforest People in Africa – thought to be the first humans to have learned to sing.

Workshop leader Su Hart has worked for over 25 years with the Baka Rainforest People to build a series of workshops inspired by their joyful singing styles – beautiful interlocking vocal sounds that are rhythmic, powerful and completely entrancing. Fun and inclusive, this workshop builds co-operative, listening and rhythm skills and is fun for all ages and abilities.

Su Hart is a singing leader running UK community choirs in Bath, Bruton and London but also sings and teaches internationally. She has been initiated by the Baka women to share this singing, and royalties from performances go back to the Baka for projects in the forest.


4PM – FREE ADMISSION – get tickets here. Stomping, clapping, slapping and everything in between – this dynamic, high energy workshop will explore the use of the body as a percussive and vocal instrument.

The session will feature a range of rhythmic warm ups, Afro-Brazilian grooves and vocal / percussive routines. Led by ex-STOMP cast member Ollie Tunmer (Beat Goes On), this will be an invigorating workshop suitable for all, regardless of prior musical experience.


7.30PM – Tickets £15 (£12 concessions) – get tickets here. Singing together is becoming an increasingly important activity for more and more people in our rapidly changing world, but everyone’s journey is different and personal. Hear the Roundhouse Choir, Veda Slovena Bulgarian Choir, Côr Llunsain, London Humanist Choir and Soul of the City explore why we sing and why we sing together.

They are joined by American singer-songwriter Willy Mason, singer and musical saw player Mara Carlyle and Osnat Schmool (Filament Theatre) for an evening of song and stories exploring music from all over the world.

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Our Survey – How many choirs are there in the UK?

Voices Now wants to give choirs a voice. We drive the movement that encourages and enables all people regardless of background and previous experience to sing and enjoy listening to choirs. Through our Festivals at the Roundhouse, we have successfully created collaborations with choirs from different backgrounds and got them working with professional artists in different fields.

Voices Now puts choirs at the forefront of its work and are perfectly positioned to host a place where choirs can promote themselves, and potential singers can go to find choirs.

What’s the project?

Voices Now believes that previous research into UK choirs has not been sufficient and we think current estimates of membership are too low.

With support from the SHM Foundation, Voices Now is launching a survey to find out how many choirs there are in the UK. The results will be made publicly available on an online map so that choirs become more visible and people can see what is available in their local area.


Choir singing has measurable benefits for physical, mental and community wellbeing. We think that there are many millions of people singing in choirs every week in the UK. Hence, choirs are making a large contribution to national wellbeing and thus cutting costs in the health sector.

However, choir-singing is fragmented. Choirs from different backgrounds and musical genres have their own central membership bodies, whether they are Barbershop groups, Gospel choirs, or choral societies. Though there are many representative bodies, thousands are working on their own such that there nobody knows what sort of choirs, where they are or even how many there are.

We will publish the results of where all the choirs are on an online map and publish a report to go along side this to make the case for why choir singing is so important in the UK.

Do you sing in a choir? Do you know anyone who does? If so – please fill in our survey and pass it to anyone else you know so we can put an accurate figure on how many people really sing in choirs up and down the country.

Privacy Statement

The personal data you provide Voices Now in this survey will be stored securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998) and will only be used for the purposes of administering and following up on the survey.

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