Shuffletunes Hampshire

We are Shuffletunes.  We are based in Fleet, Hampshire and we sing songs that our singers choose.  Which can be tricky and sometimes really weird.  We have been going for 4 years now and during that time we have experienced some amazing sings- in pubs, bars, restaurants, mansions, driveways, cathedrals, car parks, houses, offices, bridges,  supermarkets, radio, TV; and we’ve sung with some amazing people- chief amongst them being Voices Now.  And Seasick Steve.  That was a great night.

We only perform for charity and for the community and so far we’ve raised about £30000 for organisations that support people near us, or groups that need support.  And of course, we have performed for some amazing and incredible people.  We believe that singing should be fun, helpful, bonding, challenging and supportive.  We are massively grateful for the support of Voices Now, who have opened for us the most amazing opportunities and experiences.  Even if it isn’t with us- you should sing!