Mara Carlyle – Voices Now Artist Curator

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Mara Carlyle is one of the UK’s most original and exciting singer-songwriters to emerge in recent times. Her unique sound melds an eclectic range of musical influences that include choral music, folk, jazz, hip hop, electronica & R&B. Mara’s innovative approach to songwriting once saw her dubbed ‘’the Missy Elliot of the classical world’ but aside from her own compositions, she is known for her inventive reworking of songs from every genre.


Following the critical acclaim of her first two solo records (‘The Lovely’ and ‘Floreat’) she is currently finishing her third, and hoping not to buck the trend. Besides creating and performing her own music, Mara has worked as a musical director/arranger for artists as diverse as MF DOOM,James Lavelle, JUSTICE, Emiliana Torrini and the London Contemporary Orchestra. She is also sometimes to be found broadcasting on the radio, or DJing (whilst eating chips) at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch.


I am absolutely delighted to be one of this year’s artist curators for Voices Now. There is something particularly special about collaborating with amateur choirs which I think comes from the passion and spirit of singers who are ONLY there for the love of it…it naturally generates a beautifully pure musical energy. And there’s gonna be so many of us on Sunday night! I really can’t wait.


Photo Credit: Lucy Pope

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