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We’re The Voice Energy Project – a fantastic group of people who all love to sing, dance and laugh.

We’re not your usual choir and there are lots of things we don’t do. We don’t learn from sheet music for starters and we’re not accompanied by anything you think we might be. We practice from a tiny chapel in Bethnal Green on Monday nights and so to be performing in The Roundhouse with loads of talented people – it’s an understatement to say we’re excited.

Voices Now encompasses everything we believe about singing. It brings communities together, lets us share something amazing and puts huge smiles on our faces.

So, let’s get down to it. We’re in week 10 of our rehearsals and the performance is drawing nearer and nearer. What’s it like?

Voices Now is going to be an amazing festival with so much going on. Not only are we learning the repertoire for Saturday night’s concert, we’re also perfecting our own songs for Sunday.

Like I said earlier, we don’t learn from sheet music so we rely on our amazing Founder, Michaela to sing to us, listen and repeat. That’s pretty simple when we’re practicing something we all know the words to but we like to sign songs from all over the world so learning an African folk song can be tricky! We sing anything from Bowie and Coldplay to gypsy songs and lullabies. We also improvise which can be really daunting when you join but we’re all so much more confident now, trust our voices and love hearing what we create.

With just a week to go, we’ve got our recordings on repeat as we all go to work, we’re still nailing Viva La Vida and we’re practicing our dancing wherever we can!

We are SO grateful to be a part of this amazing festival and know Voices Now will go on to achieve amazing things for choirs all over the country. We can’t wait to sing our hearts out at the weekend – see you there!

P.S you can follow our journey on Twitter – @TheVoiceEnergy


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