Willy Mason, Mara Carlyle, MC Zani for Voices Now 2017 – M Magazine

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Voices Now Festival returns for 2017 with singer-songwriter Mara Carlyle (right) and UK beatboxing champion Mc Zani among the highlights.

The event, which brings together singers of all backgrounds, ages and abilities, will run over 8 and 9 July at the Roundhouse in Camden.

This year, choirs will work with Carlyle and Zani, plus Natalie Williams, Willy Mason (left) and Tobias Hug and cover a diverse range of repertoire from Coldplay, to beatboxing and Bulgarian secular music.

Free workshops will be held each day, including a gospel singing workshop with Genevieve Sylva, a rainforest singing class with Su Ha and an early years workshop for families.

At the festival, Voices Now are also launching the biggest ever survey of UK choirs, which will result in the largest online database of groups across the country.

Once collated, this information will then be used to lobby government and funding bodies for better support, to make singing more accessible.

Source: Mara Carlyle, MC Zani for Voices Now 2017 – M Magazine