Rehearsals Rehearsals! It’s nearly Voices Now time!

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This week has a been a busy week for the Voices Now Artist Curators and Choirs.

On Monday Côr Llunsain rehearsed with Willy Mason and Mara Carlyle for their performance at Voices Now on Sunday 9th July.

We had very special visitors in our rehearsal tonight. The amazing Willy Mason and awesome Mara Carlyle .We can’t wait to perform alongside them at Camden’s Roundhouse on the 9th of July!

Also on Monday Natalie Williams and Tobias Hug rehearsed with Shuffle Tunes for their performance at Voices Now on 8th July.

How cool was tonight. How cool. Voices Now is going to rock!

Also this week Tobias went to visit Boyband at Rhodes Avenue Primary School to prepare them for their performance at Voices Now on 8th July. They learned beatboxing and all the tunes they will need at the Roundhouse in a few weeks.

The Roundhouse Choir got together with The Voice Energy Project and Willy Mason and Mara Carlyle to prepare their joint pieces as well…

… and we have drawn lots of stage plans and pictures of how the performances will look…

You can get tickets to see the results of all this work here.

Clare Edwards

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