Big Choral Census

The admirable Voices Now organisation has compiled a report, the Big Choral Census, that reveals the extraordinary variety of groups springing up in the UK.  Richard Morrison – The Times

Voices Now commissioned its first ever piece of research in 2016 and published the results in July 2017 – The Big Choral Census.

The Big Choral Census in partnership with the Singing Network UK attempted to find all the choirs in the UK. We found over 40,000 choirs and found out about who the choirs are and what they sing.

Our conclusions found that:

  • Choirs are numerous. There are at least 40,000 choirs in the UK. Over 2 million people are singing in choirs all across the country regularly.
  • Choirs are inclusive. Choirs involve people of all ages and backgrounds. Two thirds of choirs do not audition their members.
  • Choirs are diverse. Choirs can have as many as as 700 people singing in them or as few as 4. Some choirs sing exclusively pop music or classical music whilst others sing a range of music from gospel to musical theatre.
  • Choirs have potential to do more. Currently choirs are self-funding and in many cases reliant on members paying some form of subscription. With more support choirs could involve more people, develop their artistic activity and contribute more to communities across the UK.

The full report is available to download here – Voices Now Big Choral Census July 2017.

If your choir did not take part in the Big Choral Census in 2017 you can still add your choir to the list here.

In 2018 Voices Now will be looking at new areas of research – to keep up to date with this work and support this work – Join the Movement

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