The Big Choral Census is Launched

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During Voices Now this weekend we launched the results of our Big Choral Census – our research project to find out how many choirs there are in the UK.

The results have taken many people by surprise. We have found that there are over 40,000 choirs in the UK and we suspect this number is still too low.

This equates to over 2 million people singing in choirswhich is a similar number to the number of people in the UK who swim each week and 300,000 more than those playing amateur football each week.

Here’s our report, click link to read as PDF: Voices Now Big Choral Census July 2017

After nearly 12 months of research we have published the results with some of the other informaiton

  • Two thirds of the choirs we surveyed were non-audition
  • Choir membership include a vast range of ages from toddlers to people over 100!
  • Choirs vary considerably in size from 4 people to as many as 700 people

Thank you to the SHM Foundation for supporting this research and to our partners and colleagues at the Singing Network UK for their part helping to find the choirs.

Clare Edwards

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