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Voices Now is delighted to announce that Willy Mason is working with us as an Artist Curator and will be performing at the festival on Sunday 9th July 2017.

Willy Mason is a songwriter and singer. He has released 3 albums and numerous eps and collaborations, and has toured internationally for many years. He was most recently in South Africa where he was recording and performing. During his time with Virgin/EMI records he made many efforts to expand the scope of mainstream touring and music, networking directly with fans to promote concerts and events, living and working out of a converted van, hiring new and inexperienced artists, bridging genres, and speaking out about the complications of idolatry. He also wrote spiritually subversive and empowering songs that were played regularly on BBC 1 and 2. These days he is turning his attention toward music education and sound science, while also working on his 4th album.

Voices Now will be a return to a fond musical past for Willy. His first international performance of an original song was with his touring high school choir, filling in for a sick soloist in Lithuania.

Willy is enjoying being part of our team of artist curators:

‘I am genuinely thrilled to be working with such passionate and skilled conductor/arrangers and choirs. I have been interested in working more with harmony for some time, and am grateful for the opportunity to finally do so. I am inspired by the collaboration and cultural synthesis that is coming out of this project, and look forward to its realization. ‘

Tickets for We Sing Because.. on Sunday 9th July 2017 featuring Willy Mason are available here.

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